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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Post-Herbalife University: "Words Of Wisdom!"

Malam tadi Awe berpeluang dengar perkongsian ilmu rakan2 dari team Musab&Ain yang baru je balik dari Herbalife University Macau. Wah, duduk depan sekali, 'bau' Macau masih kuat, terasa aura HU masuk dalam badan ni sekali! 

Untuk post ni, awe nak list down balik points yang awe dapat, senang untuk awe study bila2. At least as a backup copy of my written notes.
  • Pray, pray pray! Work, work, work! Focus, focus, focus! Go President's Team!
  • As a coach, mesti follow pemakanan yg betul. Be a role model to ur customers & ur potential customers. Be product of the products!
  • Kita sendiri kena recruit orang, baru downline boleh recruit.---->Duplication. Duplication is important.
  • There are no problem, only challenges!
  • It's not that 'we cannot do'...but it's that 'we cannot do YET'
  • 10% fikirkan masalah, 90% fikir penyelesaian
  • The NEXT event is the BEST event!
  • Ingat balik our WHY  and DREAMS bila kita down.
  • The system is there to help u. Just fill in the numbers.
  • Experience yg byk membantu kita.
  • STS & HOM tempat memberi kita semangat dan harapan.
  • Jangan fiir kita orang paling susah dlm HL
  • It's the attitude, not the ability that brings u to success!
  • Belajar time management & money management
  • Jangan tinggal post & pre meetings
  • U can only lose what u HAVE, but u cant lose WHO u are.
  • People will follow what u do, not what u tell them to do.
  • Bila kita dpt SV baru, kena ajar 7 benda......WHY SV > use products > retails & follow ups > money management > event commitment > qualify promotions > recruit
  • Talk less, do more!!!
  • Become a tour leader, dpt tengok macam2 perangai.
  • If we have the ability to solve problems, we will succeed.
  • We have to be teachable.
  • If u focus on the problem, the problem will be bigger. If u focus on the opportunity, the opportunity will be bigger.
  • The secrest of HL......LOVE!
  • Make it simple when follow up, focus on RESULTS.
  • If u want to make a commitment, u must have a BIG why & dream.
  • Elemen penting momentum---->learn, practice, progress
  • Get out of bed, talk to new people.
  • Don't be a manager, be a doer.
  • We grow or we die.
  • Control ur emotion. Positive attracts positive.
  • Kalau impian kita kecil, usaha pun kecil. Kalau impian kita besar, usaha pun besar, sanggup redah apa jua rintangan.
  • Learn to give MORE! In HL we can present our mums with a new house.
  • We only have two choices ---> money or excuse
Ni gambar diambil dr facebook Amalina Peter

  • DMO is for our own improvement
  • Life story costs a fortune.
  • Leadership starts from attitude.
  • Don't correct people in public.
  • Do u want urself to be coached by u? Kena cermin diri sendiri.
  • Momentum dlm HL ibarat Harry Potter's train....don't stop bring & talking to new people.
  • To make a successful team --->
    • have desire to success
    • create a group who wants to success
    •  respect all different personalities
    • bring more new people. People is bigger than the system.
    • Ability to see others' ability
    • teamwork
    • positive atmosphere
    • no shortcut to success
    • have the right attitude
    • must have leadership
  • I must have the burning desire to succeed
  • Never stop learning to become ur best.
  • Production mode.
  • We need to run together.
  • Take care of ur body.
  • Every journey have unexpected difficulties. All the pain & challenges make u stonger.
  • Every level must do the basic retail & recruit.
  • If u change urself, amazing things will happen.
  • Express ur passion
  • Dream is mission. Jadikan dream kenyataan!
  • When ur WHY is strong, ur HOW is easy.
  • U decide ur own size of the piece of cake!
  • Buang ego jauh2. Kalau tak suka orang pun, at least ingat yg dia Hamba Allah, yg mungkin mulia di sisiNya.
  • Attitude -> apa yg berlaku ada hikmahnya, no complaints!
  • Bangun setiap pagi, merasa diri sbg orang yg ganjil. Lakukan perubahan!
Team uncle Allen & Aunty Asriah dr Nutricity Melawati yang qualify HU.

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